The World’s Fastest Ankle Brachial Index Screening Device | Seal Calibration
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The World’s Fastest Ankle Brachial Index Screening Device

The World’s Fastest Ankle Brachial Index Screening Device

Here at Seal Calibration our engineers use the latest diagnostic equipment to calibrate medical equipment at a range of medical establishments across the country. Many medical establishments especially have been using essentially the same medical equipment for many years. The doctors all carry manual sphygmometers, digital blood pressure monitors, ear thermometers, pulse oximeters and have a set of scales and a height measure in the consulting room. In the treatment room in nearly every doctor’s surgery is an ear syringe machine, ECG, defibrillator, spirometer and doppler.

It has been some years since serious advancement has been made in diagnostic equipment allowing for faster and more accurate results. At many surgeries patients who are hypertensive, overweight, diabetic, over 70 years of age or are smokers are manually screened for peripheral arterial disease. Currently 70% of patients with PAD experience no symptoms and are not diagnosed and 15 – 20% of people over the age of 60 have PAD. This procedure is often carried out by booking an appointment with two nurse practitioners at a local GP surgery for a 30-minute appointment allowing the patient to rest for 10 minutes prior to the screening, taking a vascular doppler reading and the blood pressure reading to be taken simultaneously and then for the results to be analysed, however this no longer must be the case.

The Mesi Automated ABPI MD performs an automated ABI measurement with accurate and objective results which physicians can diagnose Peripheral Arterial Disease with great confidence. The measurement simply takes one minute once the colour coded and clearly defined cuffs (available in medium and large sizes) are added and the patient is in a horizontal position. One hundred reading are taken per second simultaneously to eradicate any possible human error and the results are displayed on the computer screen via a USB cable, colour coded to identify if the reading is normal, boarder line, abnormal or severe and can be downloaded as a PDf file or printed off any printer connected to the computer. With a unique error detection system built in the Mesi ABPI MD will alert the operator of any irregularity’s which occur within use, these are only regularly due to incorrect placement of the cuffs or the patient moving during use.

You can see more detail including prices about the Mesi ABPI MD the unit is compact, robust and portable. A stand is available but not always required and there are no consumable costs with the unit apart from its annual service, calibration and software upgrade.

Seal Calibration are UK distributors of the Mesi ABPI MD, we have such confidence in the device, its accuracy and the time saving it can make physicians that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. Please call us on 0115 906 3131 or email if you would like more information or references from customers who are already benefiting from the use of the MESI ABPI MD.


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