Welcome Ashley | Seal Calibration
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Welcome Ashley

Welcome Ashley

Ever expanding Seal Calibration would like to offer our newest recruit Ashley Graham a huge welcome to the team. Aged 25 from Leicestershire with a degree in Exercise Physiology and living a short distance from the M1 with excellent transport links Ashley is fast becoming a highly values member of the team.

Ashley actually joined us late in 2018 and after some time learning the ropes, completing his training, shadowing our senior engineers and gaining the relevant qualifications. He is all set with his shiny new van to be unleashed on surgeries near you.

If you come across him he is friendly and helpful, likes strong white tea and is happy to help your staff and nurses with any broken or malfunctioning medical equipment, advise you on how to use and maintain your spirometer, ecg or vaccine fridge in the best possible manor.

Ashley like our other engineers is also fully trained in vaccine / pharmacy fridge servicing, medical couch servicing, electrical Pat testing and medical equipment disposals so do feel free if there are any additional services he can help with to simply ask or contract the rest of our friendly team back at the office on 0115 906 3131.

Bespoke Medical equipment calibration services tailored to your individual needs.