Spirometer Servicing | Seal Calibration
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Spirometer Servicing

Spirometer Servicing

seal Calibration now offers three levels of service for your spirometer. All levels will cost you a considerable-less amount and be turned around considerably faster than returning your essential piece of medical equipment back to the manufacturer or indeed any other provider.

Option One is a return to base service, sending your Spirometer to our workshop for its annual calibration for CQC compliance. This service can return the Spirometer back to you fully certified in 3 working days.

Option Two is a return to base service including calibration and a full service of your Spirometer.

Option Three is an annual return to base calibration and service but includes year protection, telephone support, and inclusive of equipment repairs. This is a popular option called a Spirometer Service Contract.

In addition, we also calibrate 3 Litre Spirometer Calibration Syringes and offer a full Spirometer repair service. Thus if you or your nurse is struggling to self calibrate your spirometer or it needs some attention, call our friendly team on 01159063131 who will be happy to advise.

Bespoke Medical equipment calibration services tailored to your individual needs.