Seal Calibration Shortlisted for Supplier of the Year 2019 | Seal Calibration
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Seal Calibration Shortlisted for Supplier of the Year 2019

Seal Calibration Shortlisted for Supplier of the Year 2019

Taking place on the 29th November 2019 at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge are the General Practice Awards, the most prestigious awards in primary care without exception. The evening should be a fabulous night of excitement and celebration with Seal Calibration having been shortlisted as one of the best four suppliers in the United Kingdom! Also shortlisted are Dene Healthcare who have won the award for the last two years, The Yes Company and PSUK.

If you are a customer of Seal Calibration you will know how customer-focused we are, you will know we will go the extra mile when required, how flexible we try to be in tailoring our appointments to your requirements and even that we like a laugh and a joke now and again when you call!

So if you are one of the many hundreds of customers we have from the very top to the toe of the country then we would very much appreciate your vote by simply clicking here. We have many calibration engineers based across the country that work extremely hard visiting doctors surgeries, care homes, pharmacies, occupational health establishments, ambulance depots, hospitals, clinics, gyms, schools, the list goes on. We offer weekday and weekend appointments together with out of hours services, we even go to some of the biggest sites at 3 am in the morning so that we are out of the building by the time the doctors and nurses start their appointments at 8.30 am! So while we are not a material company we would like your vote to thank our staff for the hard work they do and the commitment to provide you with the very best service.

Good luck also to the other companies shortlisted we look forward to a great evening.

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