Medical Equipment & Furniture Disposal | Seal Calibration
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Medical Equipment & Furniture Disposal

Medical Equipment & Furniture Disposal

Seal Calibration Ltd is licensed and insured for traceable disposal of medical equipment from medical couches and fridges to ECG machines and spirometers. We complete calibration and servicing of medical devices up and down the country, but how is a doctor’s surgery meant to dispose of broken or unwanted medical items?

As well as commercial waste the disposal of medical equipment is not allowed to be mixed with the general waste from your establishment. Seal Calibration can help with the demolition of items both large and small. Smaller items can either be collected by a member of our team or sent to us directly for disposal. Larger items can also be collected by our team. Once an item has been collected one of our servicemen will provide you with a confirmation document. Therefore you are aware of the responsible manner taken for your device’s disposal and have a record.

If we can help you make more space by removing an old couch or fridge from your premises then please let us know. Please note there will be a charge for this service but we always try and keep this to a minimum.

Bespoke Medical equipment calibration services tailored to your individual needs.