Management in Practice Show 2017, London Olympia | Seal Calibration
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Management in Practice Show 2017, London Olympia

Management in Practice Show 2017, London Olympia

A BIG thank you for your hospitality at the Management in Practice show in London, located at the wonderful Olympia on 28th September 2017 organised from the Cogora team, it was great to see all our partners, customers and potential new customers from surgeries across the south of the country again and we look forward to doing more of the same next year.

Seal calibration had a successful time with most of the attendees visiting our stand and entering in our free prize draw to win one of our Luxury Hampers. We got great feedback from practice managers which is always of more interest to us than you might give it credit for, this allows us to constantly improve to our services, refine our processes and add new elements to what we do and how we do it with GP practices across the country ultimately being the beneficiary. It is always nice to chat at the shows about the new services we launch and add to our portfolio and receive some great responses and interest particularly for our fridge servicing, medical equipment repair and EICR fixed wire testing The biggest hit
of 2017 has been our medical couch recovering service allowing practices to save literally hundreds of pounds in not having to replace worn and ripped couches due to none compliance with CQC infection control, instead having the appropriate sections re-covered at a fraction of the cost while also brightening and freshening up their doctors rooms with our fantastic range of anti-bacterial vinyl’s.

It is always nice to meet a friendly face like Dene Healthcare, Surgery Express LLP and Blue stream academy when we go to the shows although we did note that some of our partners had been enjoying the bright lights of London with some pre-show hospitality the evening before!

Come and see us at our next shows for a chance to win our free prize draw and our special show price for your calibration and PAT testing, perhaps one of the below shows is better located

  • Lincolnshire practice managers conference in Grantham on the 12th – 13th October 2017
  • Best Practice show in Birmingham on the 18th – 19th October 2017
  • Blue stream academy show in London 24th October 2017

Follow us on twitter for updates from the shows and prize winners @SealCalibration

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