Just another quiet December | Seal Calibration
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Just another quiet December

Just another quiet December

Back in the day Calibrating medical equipment to obtain 3 QOF points, CQC compliance and to maintain your medical equipment in the best possible condition was a seasonal occurrence. In 2008 when the Care Quality Commission was established the cut off for having your medical equipment
calibrated within the calendar year was the 31 st March, therefore over half of the ten thousand or so practices across the country had their calibration done in a three-month period between January and March.

Nine years on with the regulations having been relaxed to calibration being required annually we are as busy at Seal Calibration as any other month of the year. The month started with us attending the Nursing in Practice (NIP) show hosted at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) by Cogora. It was the first time that we had been to a NIP show as opposed to the annual Management in Practice shows we attend, the difference being that the NIP shows are aimed at Nurses as
opposed to practice managers. At the show, we met many new and existing customers, found out that nurses really like our give away promotional gifts and met the team from Medi UK who was working hard to sell the Mesi ABPI device which screens for PAD in under a minute as opposed to
the traditional and time-consuming doppler method.

Unfortunately, in the middle of the month, we did not get chance to attend MEDICA in Dusseldorf although we will do our best to get there next year as it is always interesting to keep abreast of new technology and products on and coming to the market. All our engineers were on the road every single working day and even some Saturdays in November we did not have another single day’s calibration appointment available. From Newcastle to Brighton we covered the whole of the country. As a thank you, we took our staff to Dublin for a very quiet, refined and sophisticated early Christmas bash over a couple of evenings at the end of the month, Temple Bar really is a very educational place on a Friday evening, to say the least we all had a great time and well deserved. As we look forward to December and already a busy diary we hope to catch up with as many existing and perspective customers as possible at the Management in Practice Show at Birmingham.

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