Get your Vaccine Fridges Serviced before Flu Season?
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Get your Vaccine Fridges Serviced before Flu Season?

Get your Vaccine Fridges Serviced before Flu Season?

This year more than ever the capacity to store more vaccines in autumn is going to be prevalent.

The current feeling is that target age groups to receive a flu vaccine may be increased to incorporate all over 50-year-olds and that targets of 90% plus administered may be set. This would potentially require a 25 – 40% additional vaccine storage capacity for surgeries and medical centres across the UK.

If the capacity of your surgeries’ fridges are likely to be stretched under these circumstances, if you have old vaccine fridges or if you don’t have total faith in the reliability of your fridges, it may well be wise to be prepared. A full vaccine fridge service from a Seal Calibration engineer can ensure that your vaccine fridges are working as smoothly as possible in advance of vaccine deliveries. An annual service can extend the lifespan of your fridge. Have faith that from your fully qualified Seal Calibration engineer, you will receive the very best and most comprehensive vaccine fridge service available. We work closely with and carry out service work on behalf of 50% of the UK vaccine fridge manufacturers, so we really do know what we are doing.

While we know UK fridge manufacturers have been in contact with the NHS concerning the expected increase in demand, if this outcome is to come to fruition, we would expect that some models of fridges will become exhausted before we get to winter 2020. If you feel that your vaccine capacity may not be sufficient this year then give us a call, we will be happy to signpost you towards the best quality and valued fridges available.

And don’t forget we are always here happy to help.

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