Vaccine Fridge Servicing - Medical Calibration
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We Come to you to Calibrate Your Medical Equipment

Male technician repairing broken refrigerator indoors, closeup

Pharmacy Fridge Testing and Calibration

Annually all of our Test and Calibration engineers attend thorough Labcold training at Labcolds Head office in Basingstoke. We do this to ensure that we test and calibrate pharmacy fridges to current manufacturer standards and in the most consistent and thorough way possible. This also allows us to repair your pharmacy fridges whilst on site, replacement door gaskets, locking systems and temperature control units are the most regularly supplied and fitted parts.

Pharmacy Fridge Full Fridge Service

Especially in flu season your fridge may store many thousands of pounds worth of vaccines.
Having a problem with your fridge containing vaccines can be a costly experience and evidencing that you have followed procedure is vital to make a full insurance claim.
Seal Calibration offer a full fridge service option, taking up to an hour per unit to complete a 14 point service of all the major components and including staff training where required on vaccine fridge maintenance, stocking and re-setting. Many practices across the country are adopting a program of annual full fridge servicing to ensure their cold chain is as well protected as possible and the chances of fridge failure are minimized.

Use of Data Loggers

Here at Seal Calibration we recommend the use of data loggers in all pharmacy refrigerators in use at doctors surgeries. Much more accurate than most additional thermometers currently in use at surgeries data loggers provide accurate regular temperature recordings allowing the user to identify exactly when there may have been a spike in temperature instead of guessing the duration of the spike. Often accurate recording will mean that you don’t have to dispose of vaccines and make an insurance claim as you know exactly how long and to what degree the fridge has spiked as oppose to not knowing and having to presume the worst.
Modern Labcold fridges come with an SD Temperature Data Recording Card which does that same job as a data logger. If you have pharmacy fridges such as LEC, Shoreline or older Labcold models without SD cards or data loggers call us 0115 906 3131 and we can have these delivered to you the very next working day, adding an extra layer of protection to your cold chain.

Now you have decided that you want to try us please fill in the booking form. We will be in touch within 20 minutes to arrange the appointment. You can also email us the date you want or phone our friendly customer service team.

We don’t just believe our job is over once we have been to your site. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. If you have any equipment issues throughout the year we are always available for free telephone support.

At the end of your smooth no hassle visit, your engineer will upload your certificates to a secure area of our website. Simply login and download! All your historic certificates are held here too for ease of access.

The certificates are evidence of meeting your GMS contract requirements.

Bespoke Medical equipment calibration services tailored to your individual needs.