Calibration during COVID-19 | Seal Calibration
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Calibration during COVID-19

Calibration during COVID-19

During these testing times, while the coronavirus is affecting the UK as well as the entire world, we wanted to clarify the approach and the level of our services available while this situation continues to unfold.

Our field-based engineers where possible and viable are continuing with the majority of our services including medical equipment calibration, servicing, vaccine fridge servicingmedical couch servicing and medical equipment repairs. All engineers are self-checking their own temperature with calibrated thermometers daily before attending any site. Upon arrival, they are following strict guidance issued by management about working practices, working environments, safe working distances and conducting visual risk assessments prior to commencement of work. In addition, they all carry with them enhanced PPE packages allowing them to be staff and keep themselves as safe as possible throughout the day.

The safety of your customers and our fantastic Seal Calibration engineer team is a very important priority now more than ever. While we acknowledge it is not possible for us to attend red sites in this current climate, we do aim to fulfil all pre-booked appointments in the forthcoming weeks and months. So if you do have an appointment booked we do intend on ministering your site, unless you contact us otherwise.

It is obviously vitally important that the medical equipment you are using to screen patients for COVD-19 and other conditions are working accurately and are calibrated. This ensures that you are getting precise results to accurately diagnose patients. If you have any questions or queries our team is at the end of the phone and our engineers will be available to help.

Stay safe and see you all soon.

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