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Back to the days when Service meant great service

Back to the days when Service meant great service

GP surgeries and NHS establishments provide unbelievable service to individuals and community’s up and down the country. Always on call whenever a UK citizen requires providing advice, appointments, procedures, hospital referrals and operations where required our country is world redound for its NHS services.

But does the NHS receive the same levels of service from external providers? The answer as you would expect is not always. Private companies in years gone by have often regarded NHS establishments a soft touch providing products and services with little discount and poor or expensive after sales services.

Seal Calibration established in 2014 however is bucking the trend. We take a long-term view and believe that great customer service is the key to earning customer confidence, building relationships and customer loyalty. Offering nationwide service at a time and date to meet your requirements, employing experienced engineers with a customer focused approach and doing that little bit extra on site to ensure all your medical equipment is in the very best condition possible before leaving.

Supporting all our customers through the year is where the real added value is. Medical equipment is expensive and if you were to replace all your medical equipment collectively the value would be astronomical. If you do have any issues with equipment such as ECG machines, Spirometers, Pharmacy refrigerators, diagnostic sets, Ear Syringe machines or other equipment for that matter once out of warranty the cost for manufacturers to collect and ship to Europe, replacement parts, inflated labour charges and return shipping can be very significant. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case, Seal Calibration offer their calibration customers free equipment assessment and no labour charges on all repairs, consequently all the customer pays is the shipping and cost price of parts required often a fraction of the manufacturers costs. Our trained engineers attend training with leading manufacturers such as Seca, Labcold, Daray and AnD so have the knowledge to save you money! We carry a full range of spare parts and aim to get your broken medical equipment back to you within 3 working days.

For all enquiries just call our friendly team on 01159063131 or email we are always on hand to keep your surgery running as smoothly and economically as possible.


Kind regards,


The Seal Team.


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